Start NPC Grand Druid Lunast
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Copper0
Repeatable No EXP 1117
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Return to Grand Druid Lunast The Locked Door

Unlocks Quest

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: You have already done much to help our order, and now I ask of you to continue your aid.

To the north of Camelot is a graveyard that includes the rather sizable crypt of the now long dead King Wilhelm. One of my trusted druids, Lorna, is there now. She has sent me information that the entire area is overrun with more of these Thornbringers. Worse, it appears they are dabbling in necromancy and raising the dead in the graveyard... I dread to think what is occurring in the depths of the crypt... This type of abomination cannot be allowed! The world is already plagued by the Legions of Sheol, we do not need another breed of undead plaguing our lands. Travel to Druid Lorna and offer her assistance.

Completion: Lunast sent you himself? Then you must be quite skilled.

Recommended Level: 12
Party Size: 1


Walkthrough Edit

When you get out of the Druid Hall turn left and follow the road to the Camelot Graveyard.