Start NPC Graynard Birk
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver2Copper70
Repeatable No EXP 2147

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Hello! My name is Graynard Birk, collector of the finest varieties of plants from all across Anglorum! I have come here to Fort Stonehenge in search of Avalonian Violet Eyes. Normally, they only grow in the depths of Avalon. With the recent incursion of Avalonians into Anglorum. it seems some Avalonian Violet Eye spores have spread out of the gate and have taken root along the southern shores of the lake. If you could collect ten of these lovely plants for me. I would be forever in your debt!

Completion: These are lovely! They will go wonderfully with the rest of my collection! Thank you kindly and good luck!

Recommended Level: 11
Party Size: 1


  • Gather 10 Avalonian Violet Eyes
  • Return to Graynard Birk


This Quest can also be found in Fort Stonehenge, the flowers sparkle on the southern shore of the lake and a lot of them can be found directly ahead of the wooden bridge to the east.