Start NPC Captain Nordington
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver2Copper3
Repeatable No EXP 1260
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The Militia House Burning Ships

Unlocks Quest

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: First we need to see if you can even follow some basic orders... My orders!

Up the coast along the beach are some weapon caches left behind by some Avalonians we beat back in recent days. Go up the coasts and look for three weapon caches. Take any weapons you find and bring them back to me. We are always looking for new equipment and I do not care if they were made in Camelot or in the 'misty shores,' or wherever-it-is these Avalonians come from.

Be warned; there may still be a few stragglers wandering the shores.

Now get going and make it quick!

Complete: Hmm, not bad... At least you can walk somewhere and carry things! Congratulations!

Now I know you can follow orders.

Recommended Level: 15
Party Size: 1



The Weapon Caches are easy to find, they are right on the shore to the north.
Once you have found enough, return to Captain Nordington.