Start NPC Captain Nordington
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver2Copper3
Repeatable No EXP 1260
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Basic Duty Assaulting the Keep

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Now for something quite a bit more dangerous...

The Avalonians still have men all up the coast and across the river. Additionally, they have infested the keep up the road.

Just past the keep is a farm. The area is still thick with stragglers. I actually think they are afraid to go back to Avalon considering the losses they already took! At the farms you might find some Barrels of Pitch. Take one of the barrels, then go to the dock on the far north section of the coast, by the mouth of the river, and burn some of the boats. Maybe taking away their chance of escape back to that island of theirs will crush their spirits!

Get moving and be quick about it!

Complete: Ah-ha! I saw the smoke from here. I have to say, well done! You might be militia material, after all!

Recommended Level: 15
Party Size: 1


  • Find a barrel of pitch
  • Burn an Avalonian boat
  • Burn a second Avalonian boat
  • Burn a third Avalonian boat
  • Return to Captain Nordington


The barrels can be found next to the haystacks at the farm. You can avoid conflict by walking down the gap between the keep and the crop fields to get to them.
You can approach the boats safely by jumping into the water and swimming to them.
Note: Due to some buggy programming the boats may move by themselves!
One you have finished commiting arson return to Captain Nordington.