Playable races in Earth EternalEdit


Descendants of the once-great Tartessian Empire, the Atavians are a proud race fighting for their very existence against the invasion of the Anubian hordes from North Africa.


Often preferring the woodlands to the streets and alleyways of cities, Bandicoons are stalwart members of Beastdom. Many of them have, of late, forsaken their beloved forests to battle against Lord Drakul, Lord of the Vampires.


The Bounders are a race exiled from their traditional homeland in the Emerald Kingdom, now living here and there throughout Europe. Generally happy-go-lucky in nature, they can turn vicious when pressed.


Hearty and hale, the Broccans of the highland clans are always lusty for a good fight and may be typically be found on the front lines of battles, singing their war songs as they flow from enemy to enemy.


It is said, with some truth, that changing the mind of a stone is an easy task compared with that of persuading a Caprican to do what he or she does not wish to do.


Originally created as the playthings of the human scientist Archimedes, the Clockwork served the other Beast races so well after mankind destroyed himself that the Goddess Gaia blessed them true life. They make for implacable foes and loyal friends.


The Cyclopes are one of the most ancient races though they joined the ranks of Beasts relatively recently. They were born of Faerie-blood and defected to the Beasts when their Faerie rulers abandoned them on the field of battle. Their reputation is for having a different perspective on the world around them than others do.


The Daemons have traveled a hard road to Earth, escaping the clutches of the Demon King Dagon to come here and facing the prejudices of those who view them as too alien to be Beasts. Despite their appearance, they are often fiercely dedicated to fighting evil.


Long of tooth and short of temper, the Fangren embody both nobility and savagery. From their home in the ancient city of Rome they frequently participate in military excursions to aid other Beasts.


An ancient race that was nearly extinguished by the Anubians, the modern-day Felines are perhaps the most militant of all Beasts about the preservation of their race and of their new homeland in Bremen.


The Foxen are a race forged in the crucible of war. Ever-vigilantly have they guarded the eastern border of Europe from their Ranger Kingdoms, serving as the first line of defense against the People of the Skull.


The ancestors of the Grumkin fled their kin in the People of the Skull when those around them began the worship of Baal, the Demon Prince. They have since been welcomed into the nations of Beasts, though not without reservation.


The Harts seem to almost embody nobility, and so it is no surprise that the court of Camelot was established in Anglorum. They are a race predisposed towards justice and a love of order and all things nature.


The Longtails are a race of wanderers and rogues, shunned by some but valued by those who understand that though they may act frivolously, there is no better ally to have when backed into a corner.


Mysterious and reclusive, the Lisians were driven from their home in the Atlas mountains of North Africa when the Anubians conquered that region. They now fight with the Atavians and Taurians of Cadazor to repel the Anubians from Europe.


Hailing from the slopes of Mt. Olympus, the Noctari are a far-seeing feathered race that enjoys a close relationship with its Gods. They are often viewed as wise, and possess the largest library known to Beasts.


The Sylvans were born of the great trees deep within the forests of Earth but left them to defend their Treekin allies. Some chose not to return to the trees and have joined the Beasts as one of their own. Sylvans have a natural love of Druidic magic, unsurprisingly.


The Taurians brook no insult and do not suffer the weak gladly. Hunting the greatest threats on Earth is the obsession of all Taurania, and the objects of their hunt cannot expect to be long for the Earth.


Strong, silent, and utterly implacable in the face of a threat, the Tusken are descended from a culture of martial excellence. Since the Blood Kingdom destroyed their homeland, they have fought against it tusk and nail.


One of the two oldest Beast cultures known, the Ursines of Midgaard are a warrior-nation through and through, having fought periodic wars against the evil Dvergar of frozen Nidavellir for thousands of years.


From the high reaches of the mountains come the Yeti who split from their power-mad kin to join the Beasts. An angry Yeti is to be feared, for many employ both strength and magic to defeat their foes.

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