Weapons in Earth Eternal come in many assorted types, sizes, ranges, colors, styles and hand slots.   

Two Hand Weapon IconTwo Handed WeaponsEdit

Two-handed Maces, Two-handed Swords, Two-handed Axes, etc.

Pole Weapon IconPole WeaponsEdit

Spears, Staves, Halberds, etc.

One Hand Weapon IconOne Handed WeaponsEdit

Swords, Axes, Maces, etc.

Small Weapon IconSmall WeaponsEdit

Daggers, Katars, Claws, etc.

Bow Weapon IconBow WeaponsEdit

Thrown Weapon IconThrown WeaponsEdit

Throwing Knives, Shurikens, Darts, etc.

Wand Weapon IconWand WeaponsEdit


  • Usable by any class, held in either hand. Provides a boost to stats.

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