Start NPC Aramere Gufflin
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Copper81
Repeatable No EXP 644
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None Elden's Special Treat (2)

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Hail! You there! Yes hello! Are you venturing into Camelot? You are? Good! Perhaps you would do me a favor.

I was sent here by my boss, Elden Motera in Fort Stonehenge, to fetch something from the city. Unfortunately , the guards seem to have mistaken me for some miscreant! I mean, look at me! I am an upstanding citizen! Really! To the point, they will not allow me into the city. Hrmph!

Perhaps you could get the item for me. In the Slums you will find a Merga Moonseer. She is, uhm... ...witch, perhaps is the best way to describe her... Do not worry, she is harmless, if not a bit odd! Tell her Elden sent you for his special treat! She will understand.

Completion: Who are you? What are you looking at, hmm? HRMM?! You looking at me? Am I a curiosity?? Oh... look, birds! I love birds... a nice stew... ...with a touch of lemon... Did the lemons send you? Well, did they?!

Oh, Elden sent you! Oh, I see then, you must not be working for THEM... ...this is good, good... ...hmm... Do you hear that? Sounds like dragons! Or wait...! No just a sparrow. Mostly the same they are, anyway...

Oh, Elden's Special Treat? Oh yes, yes... ...freshly cooked, in fact, and tasty... ...tasty like fire... You ever eat fire? Not as bad as you think in fact....

Give me a moment...

Recommended Level: 11
Party Size: 1



  • Merga Moonseer can be found in the lower part of south Camelot.
  • Talk to her to complete this quest.