Start NPC Merlin
Start Location Corsica
Reward Silver1Copper13
Repeatable No EXP 494
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The Experimental Device (Part 1) The Experimental Device (Part 2)

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: The Experimental Device is broken and needs a new Cog Piece. Unfortunately, one of my other failed experiments, Ferngar, swallowed the last one we had!

You'll need to cross the bridge near the waterfall to find him. Please retrieve the Cog Piece for me so we can resume the experiment.

Completion: Excellent, let's continue with our experiment!

Recommended Level: 5
'Party Size:1'



  • Head south over the bridge and enter the forested area beyond.
  • Go further south into the thicket and find and kill Ferngar.
  • Ferngar is guarded by Vilelashers, but is soloable by most level 4 players.
  • After killing Ferngar return to camp and speak with Merlin to complete the quest.