Start NPC Druid Felina
Start Location Anglorum
Requirements Completed:Aid to Druid Lorna
Reward Silver2Copper93
Repeatable No EXP 2233

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Greetings! I have a small favor to ask, if it is not too much trouble? If you are planning to enter the graveyard, perhaps you could seek out some Grave Lillies for me? They only grow in soil around graves! Morbid yes, but they are beautiful. I would go myself, but Lorna forbade me to enter the graveyard now that the dead are once more walking around. If you could bring me half-a-dozen, I would be ever grateful.

Completion: Oh my! Those are lovely! Thank you so much.

Recommended Level: 12
Party Size: 1



  • Gather 6 Grave Lillies from the graveyard.
  • Return to Druid Felina to complete this quest.