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The Harts seem to almost embody nobility, and so it is no surprise that the court of Camelot was established in Anglorum. They are a race predisposed towards justice and a love of order and all things nature.


Travelers to the southern coast of Anglorum often stand in awe of the majestic and unique cliffs which line the beaches and inland valleys of the region, known for their strange and mysterious color: white as new‐fallen snow. It was here, in the forests near these cliffs, that the ancestors of the proud Harts first revealed themselves to the pages of history.

Taking their name from these same cliffs, the Whitestone Harts quickly spread across much of the great island and formed small communities where they lived in relative peace, aside from fighting off occasional small raids by the Scotian clans of Broccans to the north. Legend tells us that when the Treekin first approached the Harts, they were astonished by the natural aptitude of the beasts for such magic. Druidic rites and rituals gained great popularity throughout Whitestone and were taught to the young Harts from an early age so the most skilled could be chosen as village leaders. The Whitestone Harts gained wide renown during the Age of Legends for their great skill in healing, second only to the Treekin themselves, and even erected a large stone ring on the south tip of the isle called Stonehenge, to aid and focus their druidic magic.

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