Start NPC Turgan Gergendol
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver3Copper38
Repeatable No EXP 2334
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None Unlucky Charms

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Salute! I am Turgan Gergendol, trader extraordinaire! You, friend, look strong and brave, yes? Yes! Excellent!

I am low on some of my most popular supplies. With all the trouble that abounds in Anglorum - it's dreadful yes - it is a good time to be in the trade business. There are some things I could surely use, and I will pay you kindly, if you are up to the task.

At the moment, I am in most dire need of Razor Beak Talons. I have a gentleman from New Badari who uses them for his weapon crafting business.


Completion: Ah very good! Perhaps you could use some more work?

Recommended Level: 13
Party Size: 1



No need to travel as far as the quest marker suggests, there are plenty Stout-Beak and Razor-Beak just northeast of the Camelot Graveyard.