Start NPC Master Sergeant Whitehoof
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver2Copper93, One of: Splinter handle mace, Splinter handle cleaver, Splinter handle axe or Splinter shaft spear.
Repeatable No EXP 2233

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Hello friend. I could really use a favor! *sigh* This is a bit embarrassing...! I just returned from doing some outer patrolling alone. I got a small bit distracted and wandered into a pack of chompers - dreadful thing infact. Locally, they call them Meadow Munchers - silly name! Ah. but to the point... There is one in particular that has caused me some grief. I think Boyle named him, even - Clampton! Well... *sigh* ...he ate my favorite sword. Yes. I know... Would you do me the great favor of hunting this pest down and retrieving my sword from his belly? Gaia only knows if I will even be able to use it again, but we shall see. Would you do this for me?

Completion: Oh. Gaia be praised! You have my sword! Oh, well, you could have at least cleaned it a little, perhaps? Oh well, not to worry. Take your reward with my thanks! Oh, and PLEASE let us just keep this between us - Boyle would never let me live this down! Thank you again!

Recommended Level: 12
Party Size: 2


  • Kill Clampton and retrieve Whitehoof's sword.
  • Return to Master Sergeant Whitehoof.


Clampton is the head Meadow Muncher on a little hill.