Mysterious and reclusive, the Lisians were driven from their home in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa when the Anubians conquered that region. They now fight with the Atavians and Taurians of Cadazor to repel the Anubians from Europe.


The Lisians were only mentioned in the Atan chapters of the Lore, with one mention in a paragraph afterwards. When Atan traveled to Andalusia to spread the magic he had learned in the lands that would become China, he came across a small band of Atavians that were holding off the Bloodkin with very little defenses. The Atavians revealed to Atan a small hidden camp. This camp had their Lisian allies. The Lisians told Atan that while they isolated themselves in the Atlas Mountains, they kept an eye on southern Andalusia, to keep their lands free of the Bloodkin. Because of their isolation, they were not part of the covenant and were not part of the former Beast Empire. Thus, they never felt the wrath of the Bloodkin and, most crucially, they had magic. They secretly assisted the Atavians with their supportive magic, as they had no offensive magic. Atan taught the Lisians his offensive magic and the Lisians taught Atan their supportive magic, which ultimately lead to Atan freeing the Beasts from the Bloodkin. After peace began, the Lisians were welcomed into the Beasts domain for helping Atan. Not long afterwards, The Anubian Empire conquered the Atlas Mountains, driving the Lisians out of their homeland and into Europe.

Customization Edit


The scales of the Lisians are divided into four areas for customization:

  • Hands/Feet
  • Spots
  • Lower Jaw
  • Horns


Body TypeEdit