From the Earth Eternal Facebook:
"Greetings fellow Earth Eternal fans,

It's been a blast observing the Earth Eternal community participate in the Beta program and your feedback has been invaluable [sic]

Unfortunately, Earth Eternal will be saying goodbye on Thursday November 24th 2011 [sic] at 9:00 pm EST [sic]

We are still determining future plans for Earth Eternal but those have not been finalized and we hope to share them with you as soon as we can [sic]

We hope you had an awesome time because we certainly did [sic]

The Earth Eternal team [sic]"

[The lack of grammar makes me sic... D=]

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Plans for Re-opening of Earth Eternal

Plans for Re-opening of Earth Eternal

Since Earth Eternal is no longer playable, there is nothing to do on this wiki but plan for the future. Wikia's new theme has also broken many of the design elements of the wiki that depended on custom CSS, including the old Sparkplay News section of the Main page (currently replaced by this) and the Community Portal. Myself and several other former administrators are unwilling to dedicate a large portion of time to revamping the Earth Eternal Wiki when there is no clear evidence that the game will return. If and when the game does return, we fear that it may be so different that virtually none of the information on this site will be accurate.

If this does occur, there are currently several tentative plans, and more suggestions are welcome:

  • Batch rename all of the content to Page Name (Sparkplay). These pages will begin with a small informative box at the top explaining that the information therein refers to an older version of the game.
  • Add a special box to the top of all pages which cannot be updated which explains that the information therein does not apply to the current game. If the same element exists in the new version, a Sparkplay section will be created at the bottom of the article briefly describing the previous system.
  • If the new company renames the game, it may be in our best interests to simply create a new wiki entirely and import pages as necessary from this one. That way, the Sparkplay game (Earth Eternal) would have its own wiki, while the "new game" would have one without the clutter of the Sparkplay version.
  • Move all pages from the content namespace to another Namespace, e.g., or /Archive:Druid.

Please suggest or discuss below. :)

Thank you,

«Nuilvian Talk/Contribs» 07:15, December 31, 2010 (UTC)



Druidic magic was the first form of magic practiced in Europe, far predating the discovery of arcane magic. The original practitioners of Druidic magic were the Sylvan people, long blessed with an affinity to Gaia herself. Like arcane magic, anyone is capable of learning druidic magic; all that is required to learn any form of magic is a keen mind and a stalwart spirit.

Interestingly enough, the study of druidic magic was the impetus for the discovery of arcane magic: some druids sensed sources of mystic power beyond Gaia, and started to pursue it. The interest in arcane magic eventually lead to the discovery of The Mysterium Primordial and the rise of power of the Mystarchs. Unlike the arcane, however, druidic magic has never suffered any sort of stigma; druids are revered in every culture. Solomon gathered High Druids together in order to create The Covenant, and it was their connection to Gaia, along with his own prayers, that led her to establish the enchantment. Many who studied the arcane under the Mystarch's rule became druids after Solomon outlawed the usage of arcane magic. However, many druids learned the way of the arcane many generations later during the end of The Bleakness, wherein Atan brought arcane magic back to Europe from The Morning Lands.

Druidic magic, along with Arcane magic, saw a renaissance at the end of The Bleakness. Most notably, the studies of the Anura, Bandicoons and Harts brought untold new powers to the ancient arts.

Famous Druids

  • High Priestess, A title held by those who are the favored of Gaia.
  • Darurian, general of the Eastern Army during the First Carpathian Wars.
  • Kirili, companion of Atan during his time battling the Blood Kingdom.
  • Kirili, the druidess who chronicled Zahhak's story and the breaking of the Covenant.



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