Start NPC Hermi Greynon
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Requirements Completed Travel to Southend - SPM Original
Reward Silver1Copper35
Repeatable No EXP 698

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Oh friend! Friend! I need your help! Anubians! They done took my home away! They smashed their boat into my docks even! But that is not the worst of it! You see my dearest darling has been lost! They took her too! She was so sweet! Oh what am I going to do! Can you help? She must still be right where I left her - just outside my house! I hope they have not consumed her! She is my favorite! Can you help?

Completion: Oh thank you! You rescued my dearest darling from those wretched Anubians!

Recommended Level: 6
Party Size: 1


  • Travel to Hermi's house on the beach
  • Find Hermi's Dearest Darling
  • Take the bottle!
  • Return to Hermi Greynon


You can find the Anubian Camp based at Greynon's Place north-west of "Old" Southend, the bottle is on the porch of the southernmost house. When you're done, return it to Hermi Greynon.