Start NPC Meer Greenleaf
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Reward Copper68
Repeatable No EXP 239
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Trouble in Corsica! The Vilegrove

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: I am glad you were sent to me. I can really use the help.

It all started a short while ago. Some of the local plants seem to have...well come to life. There are surely some plant creatures in this world but these plants used to be just your normal, run-of-the-mill, soaking up sunshine type! Now they are walking all over and in some cases have become quite aggressive. This is causing mayhem! To make matters worse very strange creatures have been appearing all over Corsica. I would try to explain but you will just have to see for yourself to believe!

What I need from you is a two fold task. Just across the bridge from Northbeach on the main isle of Corsica are some of these newly-walking around plants. I need some samples from them. I also need samples from unaffected plants in the same area. Bring me five samples of each.

Completion: You are safely returned! Let me see the samples.

Recommended Level: 3

Party Size: 1



Cross the bridge to the mainland. The Wanderleafs are located to the south of your present location.
Kill 5 to receive 5 Wanderleaf Samples.
Note: The Wanderleafs are passive and will not attack you unless provoked
Note: The Wanderleaf samples are collected automatically so you do not have to loot them.
Local Plant Samples are scattered around the same area. Collect 5.
Note: The samples will sparkle.
Right click to collect a sample.
Return to Meer Greenleaf to complete the quest.