Start NPC Lieutenant Boyle
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver3Copper38 and one of the following: Longshot Bow, Sureshot Bow, Zip Darts or Cracked Stone Wand
Repeatable No EXP 2334

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Hail adventurer! I am duty bound to be at my post defending Fort Stonehenge. Indeed, this consumes most of my time. When I am off duty, I enjoy making quality bows. Sadly, I do not have the time to hunt and collect the more rare items I need to build the bows. I would pay you for your efforts, if you could collect these items for me. This is not as simple as it seems. I need fine Buck antler for the bow and well hardened quills for my arrows. You would need to hunt an Elder Buck for the antler and one of the larger Quillback patriarchs for the quills. How about it?

Completion: Let me see... Oh, these are of superb quality! Thank you very much! Please take your reward and good luck in your journeys!

Recommended Level: 13
Party Size: 2


  • Gather Hardened Quills
  • Gather an Elder Buck Antler
  • Return to Lieutenant Boyle


The Hardened Quills are dropped by Atalis (Level 13, Heroic) and the Antler is dropped by Rohnno (Level 13, Heroic). Especially Rohnno is tough to take down, so be sure to take another fighter along.