Start NPC Renalda Blueleaf
Start Location Earthrise
Requirements Completed:The Summoner and the Beast
Reward Silver2Copper25
Repeatable No EXP 1768
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None Saving a Sister's Spirit

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Greetings. I am Renalda Blueleaf - a simple druid of the Order of Gaia. I have a task for you, if you are interested?

The great shard is a troublesome thing but I have found a benefit to it as well. Redwine flowers are a potent plant used in many medicinal concoctions here in Earthrise. The shard, while making great many things go very wrong, seems to have empowered the Redwine! Increasing their powers several times over. They seem to thrive even in the pit where the shard rests. I ask of you - could you gather three Redwine flowers for me. I would be very grateful if you could.

Completion: Yes those are just what I needed. Thank you.

Recommended Level: 9
Party size: 1


  • Travel to the large shard crater
  • Collect 3 Redwine Flowers
  • Return to Renalda Blueleaf


Travel to the large shard crater (refered to as Shard Crater on the map) located to the southeast of Highpoint.
The monsters in the crater are usually far apart from each other, making gathering the flowers a cinch.