Start NPC Renalda Blueleaf
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Silver2Copper48, Adventurer's Leggings or Adventurer's Pants
Repeatable No EXP 2063
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Redwine Flowers None

Quest DescriptionEdit


Renalda's beautiful, mutated sister.

Description: Friend now i must ask of you a favor far more serious. My sister, Seraceila, has fallen victim to the great shard's ill effects. She tried to fight back the power of the shard and save her small grove to the south - but she failed. Instead she has been consumed by it. She has been transformed into a great spider creature. Still at night I can hear her voice in my dreams - begging to be set free from the horrible pain she is in! I ask you - could you put her out of her misery? Yes, I am asking you to kill her. In fact the Redvine I had you gather was for this purpose. I am convinced that by treating your blade with this concoction I have mixed you will free her spirit if you kill the wretched spider body she is now imprisoned in! Would you do this?

Completion: It worked? I knew it would! Oh thank you so much. I am sad to lose my sister but glad knowing her spirit is free from the prison in which it was trapped! Take this with my thanks.

Recommended Level: 10
Party size: 1



Travel to Seraceila's Grove. Seraceila walks in a triangle with a dozen minions around her. It can be hard to kill her and then just run, instead try killing as many spiders as possible first.