Start NPC Garnor Brighteye
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Copper6
Repeatable No EXP 700
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Wayside Warcamp (quest) or Travel to the Wayside Warcamp Speak with Karn Vallen

Quest Description Edit

Description: Hmmm. I see. My scouts have informed me of the Anubians constructing what they thought was a gate but we had no idea it was close to completion. We need to destroy that gate or at the very least make sure it cannot be activated. I am led to believe it's a large structure - so I will consult Karn Vallen. Karn is my trusted aide and a very wise mage. In the meantime I have a task for you - if you are up for a fight?

Just north of our camp is one of the Anubian camps. It's full of their shock-troops - Simians. Nasty buggers in a fight but they do not fight for any other reason than they are slaves. The camp is run by a Slavemaster named Sek. He is a ruthless fellow even by Anubian standards. If you could eliminate Sek I am sure most of the Simians would not even fight us any longer! Are you up for this task?

Completion: Well done! Perhaps this will gain us some reprieve.

Recommended Level: 6

Party Size: 1


Walkthrough Edit

Travel to the Northern Simian Camp, just northeast of Garnor.
Sek the Slavemaster location

The blue dot is where Sek is.

Sek will be walking around inside a camp with two entrances.
Fight or stealth your way through the mobs in the camp. Since Sek is moving around there's multiple spots where you can attack him without getting any other mob attacking you.
When you killed him, return to Garnor and collect your reward.