Sparkplay Media is a company that formally developed and published Earth Eternal.


Sparkplay Media (also known as SPM) was founded in 2006 from the principals of Iron Realms Entertainment by Matt Mihaly to use their knowledge to spread into a much wider market. On 8 August, 2010 the company announced that they were going to go bankrupt. And 31 August, 2010 was the final day Earth Eternal servers were online under Sparkplay Media's control.

Sparkplay originally developed Earth Eternal, a 3D MMORPG, using their self developed Spark Platform. Multiple products were planned for development, but Earth Eternal was the only one publicly announced.

Former Management StaffEdit

  • Matt Mihaly - CEO and Creative Director
  • Chris Kohnert - CTO
  • Martin Best - VP of Production
  • David Kaye - VP of Business Development