Start NPC King Arthur Pendragon
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Copper0
Repeatable No EXP 1167
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The Shadow Legion The Militia House

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Now I have something to ask of you. As you may know, we have had an incursion of Avalonians on the east shore of the lake. After an initial battle, we have mostly driven them back, but some still linger on our shores. We could use more strong arms to help deal with this threat. Speak with Sir Kay and he can give you specific direction as to how you may help.

Again. I am glad to have you here in our lands. May Gaia guide you.

Completion: Yes? Indeed. Arthur was correct. We can surely use more assistance with the Avalonian threat.

Recommended Level: 13
Party Size: 1



Sir Kay can be found in Camelot Castle just by the entrance to the instanced location called Camelot Chamber.