Start NPC Lieutenant O'Haren
Start Location Anglorum
Requirements Completed:Basic Duty
Reward Silver4Copper5
Repeatable No EXP 2520

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: There is much to be done to aid the Militia. If you are traveling into the farms up north, perhaps you could look for some of our stolen supplies. It seems a few of these Avalonians are quite crafty and have been sneaking in and taking our supplies at night - right under our noses! Return four crates of our supplies if you can find them!

Completion: Thank you kindly. Not only does this save us the cost of resupplying, but it makes those thieving Avalonians suffer!

Recommended Level: 15
Party Size: 1



  • The crates required can be found hidden in and around the wheat fields at the farm.
    • With carefully timed walking you can avoid conflict.
  • Return to Lieutenant O'Haren when finished.