Start NPC Garnor Brighteye
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Silver1Copper80, Militia KeyMilitia Key
Repeatable No EXP 1408
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The Gate: End the Threat Travel to Highpoint

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Now that the gate will not be an issue it is time to kick these dogs where they live! The Anubian base camp is a hive that we must stir up and then crush! I want you to travel to the camp and kill fifteen of the basic troops and end the lives of the two captains in the camp as well. They are named Mdjai and Tabia. One is a stout warrior and the other a crafty mage - tread with caution when you at last face them.

Completion: The hero returns! You have proven your worth beyond measure. As a reward take this key. It will open the chest on my left. You may take one item of your choosing

As reward you can choose 1 of the 7 items from the chest

Earthrise War-Spear
Earthrise Warbow
Earthrise Maul
Glint Daggers
Crooked Branch
Earthrise Piercer
Earthrise Slasher

Recommended Level: 8

Party size: 1



You will find Captain Mdjai on the beach (West) and Captain Tabia on the plateau (North) in the Anubian Base Camp.
Return to Garnor Brighteye and talk to him to complete this quest.