Start NPC Merlin
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Silver2Copper48 and 1 of the following: Earthend Mage Sleeves, Earthend Rogue Sleeves, Earthend Knight Sleeves, Earthend Druid Sleeves
Repeatable No EXP 2063
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Speak with Merlin Travel to Anglorum

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: The time has come to end the siege of Earthend. The Anubians have too long kept the city and now it is time we must act. I am prevented from using my magic to move troops inside. I assume Akhom has some kind of protective magic against such things. There is anotherway inside though. This well leads to another well just inside the wall. I am asking you to enter into the city and kill General Akhom. Friend, worry not! I would not ask you to assualt an entire city without a little help. I have cast a weaking spell upon the entire city. The Anubians inside will quickly fall to your might!
Using the well you will enter the city. I am sure Akhom will not come out to fight you without reason. You must kill his three Captains and then kill his Commander. This will surely enrage him enough to show himself to you and face you in personal combat! You must go quickly - while I do have great power - the effects of the spell will not last forever!

Completion: You have done well here and served the people of Corsica and Earthrise as a true champion. Your journey has just begun. The world is in peril and in dire need of heroes to stave off the evils that now seek to destroy that which we wish to rebuild. You must travel to Anglorum to continue your journey. Your road ahead is long and fraught with danger, but if you are a true hero you will vanquish all obstacles that may stand in your way.
We built a makeshift portal in the camp. It was used to evacuate most of the population safely to other areas of the world. You now may use that portal and travel to Stonehenge in Anglorum.

Good luck hero - we will meet again.

Recommended Level: 10
Party size: 1



Enter the Earthend (Instance) through the well, you might want to use the bind spell on the sanctuary for a short cut later.
The entire map is one big spiral, it's long but you won't get lost.
Neither of the bosses are that hard. Every captain is level 10. If you want to get the General easly without aggroing any other random Anubians I suggest ranged weapons. Weaving through non-important Anubians is possible, an easy way to find the captains without aggro!