Start NPC Karn Vallen
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Silver1Copper58
Repeatable No EXP 990
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The Gate: Gathering the Components The Anubian Captains

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: I have constructed this magical device. Without getting into the finer points of Anubian Gate magic - the details of "how" it works would certainly bore you to death - this device will disrupt the magic that binds the gate and make it inert. You simply need to take the device to the gate. Once there you will find two controllers - they flank the gate. You need a fully functional controller - it will have crystals of some type inserted into the top. Now that you have the device you must simply just interact with that controller. It will create a type of magical feedback nullifying the gates ability to function! You will have to maintain contact with it for quite a while to get enough feedback to nullify the gate.

There is another darker task to be done here as well. Simply 'breaking' the gate will not be enough. It can be repaired, if even with some difficulty, most likely within a few days. If we really wish to make the gate remain inactive you must also kill Master Architect of the gate. The scouts have told me his name is Nehtu.

When you have accomplished these feats report back to Commander Brighteye.

Completion: Well done! I have already heard of your victory - yet there is more work to be done!

Recommended Level: 7
Party Size: 2



Travel to the Anubian Gate.
Note: You might want to consider sneaking around the back via the coastline. Watch out for the vultures though.
Watch out for the quick respawns around the gate.
Kill Nehtu.
Break the gate control device.
Return to Garnor Brighteye and talk to him to complete this quest.