Start NPC Druid Lorna
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver1Copper46
Repeatable No EXP 1117
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Aid to Druid Lorna A Trip to the Library

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: I have been investigating the graveyard and trying to ascertain exactly what the Thornbringers are doing here. Recently, the long-decreased have been rising from the grave. This is horrible! We must act quickly.

The source of these risen dead must be inside the crypt. I see the Thornbringers come and go in and out of the crypt, but when I tried to enter, the door would not yield. There must be some secret unlocking the door. Search the graveyard for a way to unlock the door.

Completion: What is this? These symbols... they were freshly carved unto the stone? But this... should not be. I have a very dark suspicion, but I need a book from the Camelot Great Library to confirm my fears.

Recommended Level:12
Party Size:1


  • Search the Graveyard for clues
  • Making a rubbing of the oddly-etched symbols
  • Return to Druid Lorna


Walk south-east to the fire. Walk around that graveyard a little bit until your objective updates. Click on the small sparkling pillar and then return to Lorna.