Start NPC Shera Swift
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Silver2Copper48
Repeatable No EXP 2063
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The Summoner and the Beast Speak with Merlin

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Hero! I have word from the Earthend Warcamp. They could use some help there! Before you go to the camp though you will pass by an Anubian Warcamp just north of your destination. In that camp you will find Commander Bakari. He is leading a push to press our troops between the sieged city of Earthend and his newly formed camp. Goto the camp and thin their numbers but also kill Bakari. This should help those at the Earthend camp breath a little easier. Once that task is complete report to Garren Greypaw in the Earthend Warcamp. Good luck!

Completion: Welcome hero! You have been expected.

Recommended Level: 10
Party size: 1



Travel to the Anubian War Camp.
Commander Bakari is in the northeastern part of the camp. You might want to consider sneaking around from the southern entry path.
Kill any 10 Anubians to fill your quota.
Travel further south along the main path to the Earthend War Camp.
Speak to Garren Greypaw to complete this quest.