Start NPC Druid Byrne
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver2Copper93
Repeatable No EXP 2233
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Aid to Druid Byrne Return to Grand Druid Lunast

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: So Kearn was right, there is a connection between the Thornbringers and these River-Runners.

The task at hand here is quite simple: With Jek eliminated, that would only leave his older brother, Jester, to lead these ruffians. Yet, I have not seen any sign of his presence here at the farm. Of course, that does not mean he is not in the general area.

If you could rid the farm of the bandits and eliminate Jester Jumptail, you would do us all a great favor.

Completion: You return safely! Ah, so Jester is defeated and you have cleared out a fair amount of bandits as well -very well done. Perhaps with their leader defeated, the remaining bandits will have little reason to continue holding this farm.

Recommended Level: 12
Party Size: 1


  • Kill 20 River-Runner Bandits at the farm
  • Kill Jester Jumptail
  • Return to Druid Byrne


Jester Jumptail hides at the coast to the southeast.