Start NPC Merlin
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Copper0
Repeatable No EXP 1167
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Speak to Merlin Speak with Sir Kay

Unlocks Quest

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Shadows... Long ago, some very well meaning, yet foolish souls sought a power they should never truly possess. What they sought is known as the Mysterium Primordial, a book of infinite knowledge and power locked away from comprehension by a key known as the Enigma Primal. Those that sought it were possibly the most powerful beasts to walk the Earth - the Mystarchs. Two of the Mystarchs. Al'ldrisi and Jezebel, followed the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree, into other planes of existence in search of the Enigma Primal.

They were fools. Along the winding roots of infinite possible Earths, they found the Enigma Primal. As they claimed their prize, the Shadow came like smoke bellowing up from the cracks in the earth - whispering and grasping and following them.

To make matters worse for the Mystarchs, was that the Enigma Primal was incomplete. While yes it was the key to understanding the Mysterium Primordial, the Enigma Primal was missing a single page - intentionally torn from it pages - the very first page. The key was in fact missing its own key. To attempt to read the Enigma Primal without fully comprehending it - via its own key - was to dip into insanity: such are the powers at play here. It was clear this Enigma Primal was a trap deliberately set by the Shadows, or as they began to call them, the Shadow Legion.

While they did seal the Shadows out of our existence for the most part, the threat still lingers. Tears in reality from one world often cause rifts in another. When those rifts appear in our world, so do the Shadows.

If, as you say. Shadows are now at the old Dandridge Farm, then I must inform Arthur immediately. Better still, you will inform Arthur! It is about time the Hero of Earthend met the king! Go to him: tell him what you told me and let him know that I will consult with him on this matter very shortly.

Completion: Greetings hero! I have heard much of you and your exploits. I am grateful for your aid.

What brings you here today?

Merlin sent you......Shadows? Hmmm... Another troubling happening, especially considering the other troubles we currently face. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Recommended Level: 13
Party Size: 1



  • Travel to the castle and speak with King Arthur Pendragon.
    • Note: King Arthur is in Camelot Castle in an instanced location called Camelot Chamber.