Start NPC Shera Swift
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Silver2Copper25
Repeatable No EXP 1982
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Travel to Highpoint The Road to Earthend

Unlocks Quest

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: If you are truly the hero I am hearing so much about these days then I can surely use your assistance. We are flanked by Anubians to the north and the south east, a massive shard of the Motherspirit crashed into the earth just south of town, and our local druidess has fallen victim to the power of the shard. Things are certainly in disarray. More pressing right now is another issue. Another smaller shard fragment crashed into the earth just east of here. I am being told a group of Anubian magicians of some sort have excavated the shard and performing strange ritual out there. My last report was that they had summoned up some kind of "thing". Thing is the best description anyone could give me. Whatever it is it is something dark.

My first task for you hero is to travel east of the crater and destroy the "thing" and the one responsible for bringing it into this world. She is called Nubiti - a powerfull mage. If you are truly a hero - then you should be able to finish this task.

Completion: Perhaps you ARE a hero after all. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Recommended Level: 9
Party Size: 1


  • Travel to the shard crater in the east.
  • Kill Nubiti.
  • Kill the summoned beast.
  • Return to Shera Swift.


Follow the quest arrow until you get to the Summoning Circle in the middle of Black Spires.
When you're on the black area around the shard you will see a lot of mobs.
The easiest way to kill Nubiti would be aggroing one enemy at the time and at last take him.
The summoned "thing" as Shera calls it, is called Kneph actually.
It's walking around the crater circle and looks a little bit like some parts of a Transformer attached with some minor whirlwind.
Kneph will be level 9, when you killed both of them return to Shera Swift for your reward.