Start NPC Erl Vanderworm
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver2Copper70
Repeatable No EXP 2147

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Ah! You look like you are new in town, yes? Excellent! I need someone to test my new Tour of Camelot brochure! It points out all the finer places and local flavor! Perhaps you could take the brochure and follow the path from point to point, and then return and tell me what you think?

Completion: So, how did it go? Do you feel well informed about the city, or lost?

Please do not say lost...

Thank you very much!

Recommended Level: 11
Party Size: 1


  • Travel to Druid Hall
  • Travel to the Crown and Sword Tavern
  • Travel to the Old Underground entrance
  • Travel to the Market
  • Travel to the Camelot Great Library
  • Travel to Castle Camelot
  • Travel to Big Ben
  • Talk to Erl Vanderworm


  • Relax from the killing with this nice sightseeing tour.
  • Talk to Erl Vanderworm at the end to complete this quest.