Start NPC Garnor Brighteye
Start Location Earthrise
Reward Copper54
Repeatable No EXP 422
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The Anubian Captains The Summoner and the Beast

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: You have done wondrous deeds here and now your help is needed farther south. Travel to Highpoint and speak with Shera Swift. She is the Captain of the Guard in Highpoint. I would not be suprised if she too can use your help. Thank you again - journey safe!

Completion: Ah... I have a hero in my town. You have impeccable timing.

Recommended Level: 8
Party size: 1


Walkthrough Edit

Simply follow the long winding path to the south.
Travel South-East until you get to Highpoint.
Walk up on the hill and talk to the Feline called Shera Swift.