Start NPC Merlin
Start Location Corsica
Reward Copper34
Repeatable No EXP 148
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The Experimental Device (Part 2) Houses on Fire!

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: I must study these shards more carefully. If I cannot unlock the mysteries behind them, we may lose control of our world to their mysterious power!

For now, you should head to Southend to meet with Sir Lancelot. I'm sure he is looking forward to seeing you again. Farewell for now young beast. We shall meet again.

Completion: We meet again young one, and still there is no time to waste.

Recommended Level: 5
Party Size: 1

Objectives Speak to Lancelot


  • Exit the camp and head south along the cobblestone path until you come to Southend.
  • Speak to Sir Lancelot.