Start NPC Captain Hernsmutt
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Reward Copper41
Repeatable No EXP 209
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Anubian Scouts! Sek the Slavemaster

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: This is grim news. If the Anbuians complete one of their gates they could simply open it and flood Earthrise with troops over night. You must take this news to Garnor Brighteye - the Commander at the Wayside Warcamp in the south. Yes, the bridge has been destroyed by the Anubians but we have another way through. There is a tunnel that links South end to Earthrise. It was originally used for smuggling years ago - now it is our only way south. There is a secret entrance in the inn. The large bookshelf in the main room conceals a hidden door. In fact you will be the last to use the tunnel. We cannot risk the Anubians finding it and having easier access to our island.

Go now and be quick! But be wary! The tunnel usually is crawling with unfriendly creatures!

Completion: Welcome to the Wayside Warcamp. You bring news?

Recommended Level: 6
Party Size: 1


  • Find the Secret Exit
  • Use the secret exit to enter the tunnel
  • Travel to Garnor Brighteye


Right-click the secret exit (bookcase) to travel to a tunnel instance (Southend Passage).
Note: After entering the tunnel, you will be unable to use it to return to Corsica. You can, however, swim from one island to the other and re-enter the tunnel from the bookcase.
Fight your way to the other end and exit.
Travel to the Wayside Warcamp.
Speak to Garnor Brighteye to complete this quest.