Start NPC Sir Lancelot
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Reward Copper20
Repeatable No EXP 72
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Speak with Sir Lancelot Plant Samples

Quest Description Edit

Description: Hail, and well met. I am Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Round in service of the Isle of Anglorum and its king - Arthur Pendragon. I have been dispatched here to put an end to the invasion to the south. Earthrise is under siege by Anubians. We cannot allow them to take the island. I would normally give you orders to head directly south and aid in the fight, but first there is now some kind of new trouble here in Corsica. The isle is becoming infested with strange beasts and monstrous plants. I have no idea if this is some new Anubian plot to further their invasion north or if something else is transpiring.

I want you to get to the bottom of it. Speak with Meer Greenleaf. She is our local druid from the Order of Gaia. She has been investigating the odd events already.

Now go quickly, and good luck.

Completion: Hello friend. Lancelot sent you?

Recommended Level: 3
Party Size: 1



Head South into the little city and ascend the spiral ramp to the platform.
Talk to Meer Greenleaf to complete the quest.