From the high reaches of the mountains come the Yeti who split from their power-mad kin to join the Beasts. An angry Yeti is to be feared, for many employ both strength and magic to defeat their foes.


The Thun Murg, long ago, discovered and settled a lost alpine fortress of the ancient Mystarchs -- Ikro'Durohelm. Over a short time, powerful magic emanating from the icy keep caused the Murg to... change. As more Murg delved the depths of Ikro'Durohelm and tapped greater, more dangerous magic, the four Yeti tribes fractured. Civil war brewed as the Yeti found themselves unable to reconcile their differences and adapt to the Thun Murg's rapid evolution. Those who tried to derail the inevitable conflict found their efforts futile. So, knowing a future of conflict awaited them if they stayed, the splintered Yeti tribes abandoned their ancient home of Winter Shelf to seek out new lives among the Beasts.

Customization Edit


The skin and hair of the Yeti is divided into four areas for customization:


  • Skin
  • Hair


  • Details (Hair bands)
  • Details


Body TypeEdit